Keeping up with the business world’s volatile rhythm is a demanding task. At some point, our business structure will need some kind of commercial roof system solution. The reasons can be diverse, from normal wear and tear to a serious storm aftermathCommercial building restorations should be taken seriously and failing to select the best company to take charge of your commercial roof system project, could end up with poor quality finishes, losing your investment.

At The Top Restoration, we have provided for decades the best building restoration and commercial roof system services available for commercial property owners. We hold certifications with Conklin and National Coatings roof systems, and we are a GAF and Owens Corning preferred contractor. Therefore, you can be sure that you will always receive high standards, quality materials, and experienced workmanship. 


Become Energy Efficient Installing a Green Roof

These days, it is essential to be efficient in reducing business expenses and increasing its productivity. On the other hand, making your business environmental conscious is not a plus anymore, but a must! Installing a green roof on your business is by far the best, most affordable, and elegant way to achieve all of these goals at the same time. So, if you are facing any commercial roof system issue and you are considering hiring professional commercial roof system services, consider installing a green roof right away.

A Green Roof can Save on Your Electric Bill

Green roofs are considered excellent commercial roof system solutions. They are basically those that support the growth of plant life as a covering. With a green roof, your grass, shrubs, and other plants function as a living roof material. Plants will generally absorb or reflect around 80 percent of the sunlight that falls upon green roofs, reducing the urban heat island effect.

A green roof will make your structure cooler and more comfortable. You will be able to use much less of the high demanding air conditioner system, as your building will have a much more comfortable and naturally regulated atmosphere. As the AC works less, you can also expect a lower utility bill.

Ecological Benefits of Green Roofs

Just the simple fact of using less power in your building is enough, it also makes a huge difference in reducing the carbon footprint. In addition, it helps filter out smog and other air pollutants, improving air quality.

Green roofs are also excellent alternatives for commercial roof system issues. Drainage and gutter system stress can be easily reduced up to 90%, with a green roof, avoiding clogged gutters and other commercial roof system problems.

Make a difference with the environment. Get rid of all your commercial roof system issues. Become energy efficient and stand out from the rest, installing a green roof. Contact At The Top Restoration today, and learn everything regarding a commercial roof system and our green roof solutions.

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