Commercial Roofing Restoration

Roofing Restoration

We Can Quickly and Efficiently Apply Coatings to Restore Your Commercial Roof

Commercial roofing restoration can greatly extend the life of a damaged, old, or otherwise compromised roof. As an alternative to replacement, restoration can also save business owners a great deal of money. At The Top Restoration specializes in this service for all varieties of commercial roofs. If you have a commercial roof that has surpassed its lifespan or suffered damage, trust us for your restoration services.

Many roof contractors will attempt to push clients towards the need for roofing replacement. At The Top Restoration never takes this approach, and recommends services with a customer’s best interests at heart. If a roof restoration appears as a viable, cheaper alternative to replacement, then we will make the appropriate recommendation. For commercial roofing restoration in Nashville, TN, give us a call at (615) 239-5812.

Benefits of Commercial Roofing Restoration

Roofing Restoration

Before We Recommend Restoration, We Perform a Full Inspection of Your Roof.

Restoration becomes accomplished through the application of a roof coating. These coatings, which can include alternatives such as acrylic, polyurea, elastomeric, and silicone, bring many important benefits to a roof. If you have an older roof that continuously needs repairs, consider restoration as the cheaper, easier alternative to replacement. Roof coatings brings the following overall advantages.

Seamless Weatherproofing: A roof coating is spray-applied, then cured for seamless, monolithic coverage. Your roof becomes totally sealed against water, even in weak areas such as hatches, pipes, or around equipment.

Cost Effective: As an alternative to roof replacement, restoration has excellent value. Instead of the removal and replacement of an old roof,  a roof coating can apply directly on top. Roof coatings also require less labor and time when compared to replacement roofs. All of these factors contribute to substantial savings.

Sustainable: Roof coatings create no waste, and can simply be reapplied every 10 years or so to continually renew a roof.

Fewer Disruptions: Total roof replacement will typically require the closure of a business. Restoration, on the other hand, takes place quietly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to a commercial operation.

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If you’ve settled on a roofing restoration in Nashville, TN, then you’ve found the local experts. At The Top Restoration performs unparalleled restoration services for its clients. To learn more about our services or company, give us a call today at (615) 239-5812.