Steel Roofing Installation

Steel Roofing

Both Galvanized and Galvalume Steel Provide Premier Protection for Commercial and Residential Structures.

Metal roofing comes with many benefits for a home or business owner. In addition to the proven advantages to durability and longevity, metal roofing comes in a variety of types. Unlike other types of roofing, you can select a precise type of metal roof to best benefit your structure. Among metal types, you can choose tin, zinc, copper, aluminum, or steel to shelter your structure. While each of these has its benefits, steel roofing, in particular, represents a wise choice.

Further differences exist between types of steel, with options known as galvanized and Galvalume. At The Top Restoration proudly installs both of these varieties of steel roofing in Nashville, TN. To learn more about the benefits of galvanized and galvalume steel, you can contact us anytime. Our team of expert roofers remains available to discuss projects or answers questions at (615) 239-5812.

Types of Steel Roofing

Steel Roofing

Galvanized and Galvalume Refer to the Protective Alloy Coatings Applied to Metal Roofing Panels.

Key differences exist between galvanized and Galvalume steel. These terms actually refer to the coating applied to the exterior of metal roof panels. Galvanized and Galvalume coatings both are meant to protect the underlying metal from corrosion. 

Galvalume: This type of steel coating first appeared in the early 1970s, and is a trademarked product of Bethlehem Steel. Galvalume is a carbon steel sheeting that has an alloy coating comprised of 55 percent aluminum and 45 percent zinc. Galvalume combines the best of both these types of metal to offer premier protection to metal panels. The aluminum allows for high reflectivity, while the zinc protects the joints and cut edges from corrosion.

Galvanized: The second type of steel coating, galvanized steel, is comprised entirely of a zinc alloy. When compared to Galvalume, galvanized steel resists the first signs of corrosion for a longer period of time. However, once corrosion appears on galvanized steel, it continues unimpeded. Galvalume will stop corrosion once it appears, and preserves the overall integrity of metal panels for a longer period of time.

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