Metal Roofing: Unbeatable Quality

Metal roofing is one of the most well rounded roofing materials in the industry. It is highly durable, visually stunning, and cost effective: a combination that can’t be beat. Here we walk you through several of the many benefits of this popular roofing material to help you decide if this is the right roof for you.

If you are looking for a roof to protect your home through even the strongest storms, metal roofing may be your go to choice. Metal roofing has been shown to withstand 140+ mph winds, resist hail damage, and protect homes from torrential rains. The interlocking panels or shingles are connected to each other in such a way as to resist being uplifted from strong winds and to seal out water. Amazingly, metal roofing has a lifespan of 40-70 years! Metal roofing also has one of the highest fire safety ratings of any roofing material.

A second benefit of metal roofing is the boost to the appearance of your home. Shingles, panels, and many varieties of styles can be utilized to achieve your exact vision for your home. Our roofing professionals are experienced with metal roofs in Nashville and we are here to assist you in creating the ideal roof!

Expert Metal Roofing Installation

Part of what helps metal roofing protect homes for so long is how it is installed. You can be sure that with the professionals at At The Top Restoration, your roof will live up to its full potential! Call us today at (615) 824-1500.