Green Roof Installation

Green Roof

Green Roofs Provide a Set of Benefits Unique Among Roofing Types.

Green roofs generally refer to those that support the growth of plant life as a covering. With a green roof, your grass, shrubs, and other plants function as a living roof material. To create this system, we first cover your existing roof with a waterproof membrane, then add a soil layer. This soil supports the growth of plants that in turn protect a structure from sunlight and the adverse effects of excess rainfall.

Aside from the protection of your building, green roofs also lessen your carbon footprint and provide broad benefits to the surrounding environment. Green roofs with employee access can lead to a greater sense of well-being within your company. The roof also counteracts the urban heat island effect. If you’d like to learn more about a green roof in Nashville, TN, contact At The Top Restoration at (615) 239-5812.

All-Around Benefits of a Green Roof

Green roofs offer a range of benefits, some of which other roofs simply can’t achieve. While considering a green roof for your commercial structure, keep the following in mind.

Energy Efficiency: Plants will generally absorb or reflect around 80 percent of the sunlight that falls upon green roofs. This leaves your structure cooler and more comfortable, and lessens demands on your air conditioners. As the AC works less, you can also expect lower utility bill.

Rainfall Protection: Green roofs can absorb an enormous amount of rain that would otherwise cascade down upon your roof. This lessens the demand on your drainage system and keeps the water table down. If you’ve had problems with flooding, leaks, or other water-related troubles, a green roof would serve you well.

Longer Lifespan: The roof beneath your green roof will have its life greatly extended. The green roof will protect your underlying roofing material from all elements of the weather and climate. Without deterioration from the sun, wind, rain, and hail, your underlying commercial roof can actually have its lifespan tripled.

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You also cannot discount the effect a green roof will have on employees. Studies have shown that people who work beneath green roofs have higher levels of happiness and productivity. To learn more about the installation of a green roof in Nashville, TN, give At The Top Restoration a call today at (615) 239-5812.