Cool Roof Installation

Cool Roof

The Sun Can Account for Major Damage and Wear on a Roof.

More businesses have begun to appreciate the benefits of a cool roof. These types of roofs reflect a high percentage of the sun’s harmful radiation. This results in a structure that remains cooler in the summer with less help from air conditioners. The surface temperature of a roof also becomes greatly reduced, which lessens wear and prolongs the roof’s life. At The Top Restoration provides full services for cool roofs, and can install them on practically any building. 

Cool roofs work through special formulation and the reflective properties of lighter colors. Most appear white, though other shades of cool roofs do exist. A dark roof cannot claim to be cool, as darker colors absorb sunlight and heat the building beneath. At The Top Restoration can provide cool roofs as a replacement for an existent roof. Alternatively, we can endow your current roof with cool capabilities through the application of a roof coating. To learn more about our services for a cool roof in Nashville, TN, call us today at (615) 239-5812.

Advantages of a Cool Roof

Cool Roof

The Highly Reflective Properties of Metal Make It an Excellent Cool Roof.

The relative ease of installation and pervasive benefits make cool roofs a wise choice for most commercial structures. The advantages that a cool roof achieves include the following.

Lower Bills: As mentioned above, cool roofs can result in drastically lowered utility bills. For structures in hotter climates, or those that endure brutal summers, this trait becomes even more valuable. An air conditioner that works less will also last longer and need fewer repairs. The money you save from this and lowered utility bills can become reinvested in other parts of your business.

Extended Lifespan: Sunlight and heat can account for major wear on a roof. A cool roof reflects sunlight and maintains a cooler overall surface temperature. Combined, these two factors can account for a great increase in the lifespan of a roof. Extra years of life out of your current roof leads to even more money saved. 

Cooler Building: Cool roofs lower the average temperature of a structure throughout the hottest parts of the year. This can protect heat-sensitive merchandise, and will also lead to higher levels of comfort among employees and customers.

We’re Ready to Serve

At The Top Restoration is ready to install your cool roof in Nashville, TN. We can achieve the cool roof effect through select single ply membranes, or with a roof coating. Each of these bring their own benefits to a structure, which makes a cool roof an all-around excellent investment.