Algae, Moss And Trees, Oh My!

Your roof is built to last. From withstanding storms, to reflecting UV rays. However, your roof isn’t invincible, so its up to you to give your roof the help it needs to stay in great condition. One way to do that is to schedule yearly, professional roof inspections. Another option is to check your roof for potential dangers yourself. Below, we’ll discuss three major issues you should do your best to avoid!


If your roof is particularly shaded, it can be susceptible to algae growth. Algae thrives on wood and asphalt shingles in conditions that provide cool temperatures and sufficient moisture. When algae grows, it hold even more moisture, which can lead to roof rot!


Moss also grows easily on wood and shingles, and the spores can settle between your shingles. It also grows very quickly, which can allow mildew and moisture to quickly destroy your roof. In some cases it can lead to serious leaks relatively quickly.


While trees are a great way to keep your yard from getting too hot during the summer months, you should make sure to keep the branches from hanging over your roof. For starters, in the event of a storm, branches could fall and damage your roof, or put your family at risk. Additionally, trees can leave debris on your roof, which can allow algae and mold to grow with ease.

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